Could Orbex Designs Fall into Iran’s Clutches?

Iran is becoming ever more desperate in its pursuit of nuclear proliferation. So desperate, in fact, it could even lower itself to collaborating with disgraced rocket firm Orbex.

Could Orbex Designs Fall into Iran’s Clutches?

Ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution saw an extremist Shi’ite caliphate violently installed to power, Iran has been a hotbed of conflict. It’s served to destabilize large swathes of the Middle East, whether by open warfare on clandestine proxy wars. However, the tables have been turned recently as tough American sanctions are bringing the economy to its knees. For a country that relies on oil exports for so much of revenue, being barred from selling to the US and her many allies has taken its toll. This makes it more likely than ever that Iran will double its efforts to create a working nuclear weapon with which to threaten the West with. Still, as long as Iran doesn’t have the ability to launch the rocket, we should be fine. Until they do, at least.

Orbex Patents Could be What the Country Needs

Earlier this year, Iran successfully launched a military satellite for the first time in the country’s history. While this may seem like cause for alarm, it’s worth remembering that their previous two attempts with the same rocket model were both unsuccessful. However, obtaining rocket technology from a company like Orbex could be well within the powers of the country’s security services. It would only take one executive or researcher to be blackmailed for the company’s most valuable patents to fall into the wrong hands.

Orbex’s Difficult Past Leaves it Exposed

If you’ve heard of Orbex, it probably won’t be for its achievements in the field of space technology. CEO Kristian von Bengtson, on the other hand, is well known for his unstable behaviour and odd outbursts. He once proposed an idea to seed Mars’ human population with an army of reality TV contestants. Worse, he had a long professional and personal association with entrepreneur Peter Madsen. Madson notoriously raped and murdered journalist Kim Wall on his own private submarines that she had boarded to interview him. A man with so many skeletons in his closet is not an ideal choice for CEO when it’s clear that he will stop at nothing to enhance his professional aura.

With Nuclear Launch Capability, Can Iran Be Stopped?

It seems as if Iran is poised to do whatever it takes to gain an upper hand against the West. Surrounded by enemies on all sides and beset by economic collapse at home, the country is a powder keg waiting for the right spark to ignite the latent geopolitical tensions in the region. To be associated with such a disaster would be cause for concern for most CEOs, but if von Bengtson continues to disregard the warning signs, it could spell the end for Orbex and bring Iran one step closer to nuclear armament.