Mikhail Kokorich leaves his CEO position in Momentus Space

Ellie Moore
3 min readMar 23, 2021


Mikhail Kokorich has needed to leave as his organization creates double use advances that can be utilized in common and military circles. The US government needs to keep them limited from unfamiliar access.

As the subtleties got known, Mikhail Kokorich the Russian originator and CEO of the American space startup Momentus Space surrendered following distribution of materials demonstrating his ill-conceived inclusion in secret space innovations. The disclosure followed the organization’s declaration that it was to be gained by an organization created to buy a startup and take it public.

Momentus’ top managerial staff has chosen to acknowledge Kokorich’s acquiescence. It was done “to speed up the goal of US public safety and unfamiliar property issues identified with the organization,” the assertion read.

Organization Developments at Risk of Disclosure

Quartz revealed the primary security worries in November 2020. They definite a few focuses on Kokorich’s set of experiences in the US. For example, it expressed that before Momentus, the government forced limitations on Kokorich’s satellite organization because of the worries that unfamiliar financial backers may get admittance to advances that are to be kept carefully secret from unfamiliar adversaries.

Besides, an examination was started on Kokorich’s migration status. It was trailed by confining his admittance to the organization’s specialized documentation while he authoritatively stayed a CEO. The public authority was restless that the potential Momentus public organization CEO, just as financial backer Lev Khasis, have close relations with Vladimir Putin. Khasis is really one of the heads at the biggest state-claimed bank in Russia, right now under the American government’s assents.

Momentus Plans for Public Trading

In October 2020, Momentus Space declared it was gained by SRAC (Stable Road Acquisition Corp.). Stable Road Capital deliberately made this organization to buy a startup, yet they at first focused on a cannabis-related business.

With Momentus, the arrangement was to put portions of a recently made organization on the stock trade in mid 2021. This venture caused the organization’s offers to develop by 100%, yet the most recent news imploded the offer cost.

What Will Befall the Company?

The Momentus agent didn’t remark much on the circumstance, neither Kororich offered any expression. It is just realized that the last authoritatively stays the proprietor of the organization and still holds its offers. Prior, Kokorich endeavored to acquire American citizenship and applied for political shelter. This progression would assist him with recovering admittance to organization advancements, however it appears to have not worked out now.

As indicated by the choice of the Board of Directors, the Chief Revenue Officer of Momentus Dawn Harms will supplant Kokorich in the job of a CEO. Already, she worked for the Boeing organization. Dr. Fred Kennedy, who used to be a previous space official, and stays the organization’s leader.

Then, the staggering point is that Kokorich stays the creator of the majority of Momentus’ developments. Also, his powerlessness to take an interest in organization exercises may essentially influence its business position. Specifically, it very well might be hard to hold current clients and pull in new ones or start new turns of events.

Then again, the renunciation of Mikhail Kokorich can encourage explicit cycles for the organization and make the way to acquiring a permit for its space apparatus. However, it is still to be explained how the public authority concerns will be settled thinking about that Kokorich keeps the portions of the startup.



Ellie Moore